The Tiptoe Soundtrack

I find music to be a very powerful medium. I see and feel my pain and my happiness in song lyrics. I relate most to the stories in the songs which has led me to gravitate towards country and folk type music, but I enjoy most genres if I can relate to something I hear. I have often kept my musical tastes to myself because they have never really been all that popular, but I have come to see certain songs as the soundtrack to my life, and have come to incorporate some of this music into my blog.

I have decided to dedicate a page to the music I have posted on this site. As I offer up new songs I will add them here so all the music is in one place.

Happy listening

Hallelujah  has long been a favorite of mine, and this is by far my favorite version. You can see my post about this song here.

This is another all time favorite. It has powerful connections to my life story. You read about those connections here.

This song resonates powerfully with me and my rural upbringing. I swear it could have been created from the random thoughts floating about in my head.

This clip just shows De’Borah’s performance. Her rendition of The Fray’s “You Found Me” was very powerful.

If you ever lived in a small town this JT Hodges tune will resonate with you.



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