Sleepy Little Town

For a while I posted a lot of music in this space. I have gotten away from it some, but I stumbled across a tune this weekend that really resonated. I have been a small town guy forever. I went to college in a small to medium size city, about 100,000 people, but it was a tiny school which amounted to a small town inside the larger city. I lived and worked for a couple years in what passes for a city around here, but would just be a big town in most places. My roots are from tiny communities on offshore islands so small town living and everything that goes with it is truly a part of my identity. From the outside these little communities look all quaint and quiet and thye mostly are, but when things go bad there are no secrets and there is no place to hide. This J.T. Hodges song “Sleep Little Town” does a pretty good job and capturing what it like when the façade comes down around big fish in small ponds.



Beer With Jesus

I have often written here and commented on other blogs that I would like to write a post that highlights my take on religion. Suffice to say that I am challenged by the bigger questions in life, the type of questions that have no answers, but can drive a person batty if they spend too much time thinking about them. Does religion hold the answers? Certainly some sort faith or spirituality is where peace lies of not the answers. I have always been somewhat uncomfortable with some of hypocrisy I perceive in the organized faiths, and I have yet to be able to put together a coherent philosophy of my own that would offer any comfort. Continue reading

Random Music Post

 I have always kept my music preferences to myself. To me it always just seemed like another way to be judged. Is it too popular or to obscure? Is the genre hot now? Or was it hot yesterday? The truth is I am not a true student of music. I cant “hear” notes or tell the difference between melody and harmony. I can tell when music sounds good and when it sounds bad, but because of the aforementioned deficiencies in musical aptitude I have no idea why it is good or bad.

When I am listening to music I key on lyrics. I am looking for a story. I want something that will resonate with my own experience. I don’t have to relate to the specifics of the story, but if I can relate the theme I am hooked.

So with that I would like to share with you a song that has really struck a cord with me over the past couple weeks. The video starts with some unnecessary dialogue, but the music is worth the wait. I hope you enjoy it.