Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain

Another week brings another source of stress. As one fire gets put out at work another flares up. I have spent the week demanding that my boss contact several of my customers and talk with them. Tell them something, anything really, but take some of the pressure off me. I told him straight up that I have no problem facing the music when I created the problems. I have broad shoulders, but I am being buried by a shit storm that he made. He seemed to get it and made a couple calls for me. They guys I work for aren’t bad guys, they just aren’t the savviest businessmen you ever met.

Speaking of shit storms my pain in the ass neighbor did not respond to requests from the town manager to sit down and try to talk through this outside of a town council setting. I was encouraged a couple days ago when I was approached by the one neighbor I hadn’t spoken to about the situation. I was concerned that he may agree with her so i just didn’t bring it up with him. Turns out he didn’t even know it had gone so far as to get into town politics. He had just seen the snarky commentary of Facebook. His analysis was that she is certifiable. I was somewhat buoyed by the unexpected support, but my stomach is in knots as I await tonight’s meeting. It frustrates me that I can get ill over a meeting that will be a formality leading up to the real show down. It also irritates me that she has the power to get me all twisted up. I am teetering on the verge of a tactless rant here so moving on…

The new stressor comes straight from my home life. We have a family dog. She is an eight year old yellow lab. Three years ago she blew out the ACL in her left knee. She was a very high energy animal and we could not keep her calm during the recovery which led her to blow out the repair and it had to be done second time. The extended time on steroids and doggie downers did a number of her liver and her blood work has not been normal since the surgery. The vet wanted to explore the liver problem, but we decided to take a wait and see approach. This past Sunday she tore the ACL on the right side. She did it walking up the steps on the front porch. No falling, no running, no anything, just pop. I missed work on Monday to take her to vet and we are facing another expensive surgery, but this time they cant do it until the know the deal with her liver. Bring on the testing and break out the credit card. It is not the actual injury to the dog that is the problem in my head, rather the uncertainty regarding a course of action. The first liver tests should be back tomorrow, but there are more next week. In the meantime I have a dog hobbling around on three legs with a mysterious liver ailment and know idea what is going to happen. The anticipation is the worst part for a brain that is driven my anxiety.

They say it is darkest just before the dawn, but there is no guarantee that this is as dark as it is going to get. In truth I can see a number of ways that this will likely get worse before it is better. What is certain is that eventually it will get better. Eventually. To remind myself and some of my readers whom I know have already been pushed further than they thought they could go here is a song to help us remember that this to shall pass.



3 thoughts on “Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain

  1. Seems like my life at work has been a series of fires as well recently….mostly from procrastination on others part. Thanks for the reminder that it will get better. And I’ve never heard the song, and I have a feeling its going to be on repeat for a while.

  2. Sounds like a lot of stressors all at once!

    If it makes you feel any better, my dog had 2 cruciate injuries, both knees. First, the left one and it didn’t heal properly so we had to go back for a second surgery to clean it out. Then, the right knee gave out and he had a newer procedure called “a fibular head transplant” which was supposed to be better. He never fully recovered and dragged his right leg, most noticeably in the winter when you saw his dog prints in the snow with the back leg dragging from one step to another. Arthritis set in to his hip dysplasia and he ended up taking Rymidal as needed for pain.

    I thought for sure he would die when he just couldn’t walk anymore but it was a “twisted stomach” at the age of 10 that killed him. His last hurrah was a hike up a mountain with me and then the big meal afterward did something that caused him to pass in the night. Poor guy. But, atleast he enjoyed life while he was with us.

    This dog was a black lab mix. My first and always my favorite. I understand the love (and financial burden) of a pet.

    I hope work, your meeting and your dog are all not as stressful.


  3. What is it with the dog stuff lately?! OMG!!!! My Aussie just developed epilepsy!!! We woke up two weeks ago to the dog having a generalized seizure on the floor. I was stunned although it explained why she had become a total jerk. She had been experiencing neurological decline. She fits in perfectly with the rest of the household now. I completely understand your anxiety about your dog. There is something VERY anxiety provoking about pet problems. It eats away at your gut—truly. And even more so because the vet bills are exorbitant. Our dog is intact. We need to have her spayed as she came to us from her breeder an intact female. It will cost us almost $1000 to spay her. It’s ridiculous. And that’s a routine surgery. To repair and ACL? You may as well buy a used car! And it’s the holidays. You have reason to feel anxiety. I’m not making it better, but I’m just trying to say that these stressors are not tiny. They add to the load, and they mean something.

    I hope something went well with your neighbor. That topic riles me up a bit….Please know that I’m thinking about you and your family….and your dog, too.


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