Beer With Jesus

I have often written here and commented on other blogs that I would like to write a post that highlights my take on religion. Suffice to say that I am challenged by the bigger questions in life, the type of questions that have no answers, but can drive a person batty if they spend too much time thinking about them. Does religion hold the answers? Certainly some sort faith or spirituality is where peace lies of not the answers. I have always been somewhat uncomfortable with some of hypocrisy I perceive in the organized faiths, and I have yet to be able to put together a coherent philosophy of my own that would offer any comfort.

I heard this song on the radio the other day, and it resonated with me. I was not surprised that when I went looking for it online that I discovered some push back from those that profess to be more righteous than the rest of us. I have seen and written about this before, and it is part of what I have always found so troubling with religion. Regardless the idea of the song, a less than perfect man looking for some simple answers is something I can relate too. It is very country, but I hope you like it.


One thought on “Beer With Jesus

  1. People were offended by this? Figures…Well, it was the religious people of his day that crucified Jesus, and it’s the religious people today that claim to know him and don’t. Yeah, that’s a pretty strong statement, but as long as they are judging the drunks and prostitutes–the very people Jesus would be hanging with–then I’m pretty sure they’d miss him if he were here because that’s where he’d be. With the lowest of the low. The abandoned, the poor, the sick, the weak, the lonely…Religion is the antithesis to relationship so songs like this are ALWAYS going to piss off the religious establishment because we don’t need priests or go-betweens to get to Jesus. We just need desire.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever read Job…but Job suffers horribly, and three friends come to him and give him all these reasons why he’s suffering. Sort of like what we see today when people suffer or when disasters happen. We all see it in the news–“God is judging us”…or, “God is trying to teach us a lesson.”…”Your faith was being tested.” Everyone who has ever been through something has heard it all before. Think back to the tsunami disaster or 9/11. All the naysaying and judgment. Even in my own city, when the 35W bridge collapsed–a nationally known pastor wrote on his blog that God was releasing his judgment upon our city because of abortion and homosexuality. Well, after Job’s friends are done blasting him with their religiosity, Job rails against God, too. And God says to Job that he really dislikes his friends–they’re all wrong, and they’re all jerks (I’m paraphrasing). He also says that he really loves Job because FINALLY someone is relational with him. A human finally interacts with him in a familiar way, and he likes it. Of course, God is God and he puts Job in his place by asking Job if he knows everything, etc. In the end, however, it is Job and his relational, expressive, familiar way with God that is praised, and his friends’ religiosity and judgmentalism that is cast down.

    I think that Jesus would delight in having a beer with you or anyone else…and I think he’d buy, too.

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