Lets Be Honest

I swore I wouldn’t go here in this blog, but I have to get this off my chest. I am a conservative. I suspect that this will be an unpopular admission for those that actually take the time to read my ramblings, and given my previous experience with more liberal acquaintances I would not be a bit surprised if I actually lose followers and readers from this simple admission. I mean after all I am a racist bigoted misogynist who believes rape is a creation of the over emotional female mind, and I hate gays, Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims. God knows the only reason I could possibly disagree with the president is the color of his skin. I think old ladies should be eating cat food and children should be left to starve. Anybody who thinks I am serious here needs to stop watching so much MSNBC, but I hope you get my point.

I have always been a bit of a political junkie, but I am so fed up with the quality of the political discourse in this country I want to fucking scream. More than anything the discussion lacks two simple components, honesty and civility. I hear endless complaints about Fox News and the conservative talking heads, Rush, Beck, and Hannity. I am not going to sit here and argue that Fox News is not slanted to the right, or that the talking heads don’t often lose their minds, but this is not a one sided affair. Have your seen MSNBC in the last four or five years? There is no difference between the three right wing hosts previously mentioned and Mathews, Schultz and Maddow. Chris Matthews can find racist comments in a fucking Hallmark Card. You have to wonder about how a guy’s mind works that can hear racism in everything.

I have a lot of liberal friends. One regularly spouts off in a public forum about her political viewpoints. I once challenged her comments and was told my input was not welcome. Really? No discussion at all huh? What are you afraid of? In recent weeks I have heard from several sources suggestions that the right is taking advantage of the unhappiness that exists in America today; that they are trying to manipulate our collective misery. This is undoubtedly true. It is politics after all. To me the suggestion that the right somehow has the corner on the manipulation of our misery is ridiculous. Since 2008 our current president has pointed to economic inequities between the rich and poor, differences in the tax codes, etc to gin up resentment against the upper class. His recent comments about business owners not succeeding on their own is probably the best example yet of his willingness to take advantage of our frustrations. Even if you believe what he is saying to be the truth the comments are little more than a political tool to energize the masses against his opponents. It is manipulation. It is NO different than the right.

The same individual who told me my input was not welcome recently posted to Facebook and article from the Huffington Post in which Harry Reid accused Romney of not paying his taxes and suggesting he was a felon. A week later she stated that she was actually a moderate, but the conservatives have moved so far right she was now liberal by default. Again. Honesty. Both sides have picked up their flags and are sprinting in opposite directions. There is no one side more evil than the other. The truth is both sides want pretty much the same thing for the country they just have different ideas about how to get there. Evil and extreme positions exist in both parties, but they are thankfully rare. Ignorance is much more common. The problem is that if you listen to the pundits you would think that every single conservative is a hateful extremist or every single liberal is looking to open EBT kiosks on the banks of the Rio Grande.It is time to get real before it is too late.

Be kind to each other.


4 thoughts on “Lets Be Honest

  1. I think the problem is that there are more ridiculous conservative politicians than liberal politicians in the spotlight. Those ridiculous conservative politicians may not represent the the average conservative, but it is what most people see.

  2. I agree with you. Unfortunately, what you are saying about your liberal friend, I come across in my conservative friends who assume I’m a conservative just because I sit at the same table with them. Not one of them has ever asked me a question about my views. Not once. And, I once lost a friendship when it was found out that I did not share political views. When I was outed as a “non-conservative”. Would this happen among far-left liberals? Probably. On either end of the spectrum, it’s different sides of the same coin–fundamentalism.

    No, I don’t assume that all conservatives hate gays, etc. I’m not a black and white thinker in that respect. Oh, wouldn’t it be easier if we could just pigeonhole people and let it be the truth? That being said, I did hear a conservative friend of mine say that all gays should be put on an island together and that island should be nuked. She also has the “it’s your bed so lie in it” view which is completely lacking in any sort of kindness or civility because it never looks behind the circumstances and asks “How did the bed get that way?” She thinks that everyone has to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, so to speak, and, yes, she has cracked some racist jokes about the current man in office. Her friends are a lot like her, passing judgment on everyone who looks and thinks differently–non-WASPs. Yeah, it’s tough not to claw my own eyes out, but there’s a reason certain personality types are attracted to the vitriolic climate so everpresent in North American politics. It’s polarizing, and it brings out the worst in others. In the end, it lets people feel right and good about themselves at the expense of others. Yeah, I condemn it when I see it on neo-cons, and I condemn it when I see it in the ultra liberal because they’re eating from the same tree.

    Unfortunately, the brand of politician represented by “the conservative” party we see today does not always represent what many everyday conservatives represent. Many of the conservatives in power are after something like a theocracy (read up on Jim DeMint.) Many of those politicians sent out horribly disrespectful emails and racist cartoons amongst themselves after Obama was elected–behavior not fitting of elected representatives. The active purging of the Republican party of moderate members leaving those of us who tend to be moderate with a party that is split between the Tea Party and a “pure” party…it’s not good. What ever happened to David Brooks?

    For the record, I have never watched MSNBC and I’m not a political junkie. I just listen to people, and I pay attention to the climate. And I read. My husband is the news junkie, and I have a brilliant neighbor who is sure to keep us challenged on our views. Kindness and civility and open discussion should be the rule of the public forum always, but that doesn’t get people to watch TV. That doesn’t get people to come to rallies. That doesn’t fire up the crowds. That doesn’t get people pissed off. That doesn’t get people off their asses and into a voting booth.

    Why would you lose followers for this post? I knew you were conservative. I’m sure you’ve disliked a few of my recent posts, but I’ve written what I’ve written not because I’ve watched MSNBC. I know people who are “racist bigoted misogynist(s) who believes rape is a creation of the over emotional female mind, and (who) hate gays, Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims.” (to quote you). Three of them live on my block. One of them has a Confederate flag hanging in his garage along with a photo of Charlton Heston holding a rifle. He also has a photo of Ted Nugent, too. Not kidding. I could go on. I grew up with the KKK active in my neighborhood. I’ve seen burning crosses. The exaggerated caricature of a”conservative” you describe? Very real and active in my neighborhood. Also? My father. That’s why the ultra-liberal exists, and I know her, too. She told me I was a horrible person because I liked Pepe Le Pew–she said I was supporting “rape culture”. As if. Of all people…me. Supporting “rape culture”. Anyway…I’ve now achieved the record for leaving the longest comment on your blog, but you knew I would, I suspect. I hope you didn’t think I was one of the people you would lose as a follower. If so, then you underestimated me…

  3. Just because Channel A is the opposite of Channel B, does not mean that both of them are lying or spinning. It is entirely possible that one of the channels is telling the truth while the other is not.

    This whole “they are both bad” is a dishonest spin in itself.

    This country is overflowing with racism and to deny it is another form of racism.

  4. I don’t just like this post. I absolutely LOVE this post.

    Here in the UK, I guess things are a bit different but nevertheless I consider myself to be liberal (with a deliberately lower case ‘L’) but that’s okay because we can all rub along together can’t we?

    My view is that the ‘truth’ and therefore the best path (if there is such a thing) is probably somewhere between the two – which is why sensible debate is so important. We have to talk and learn from one another,

    Finally my motto in life is ‘be kind’. How much better would everything be if we could all adopt that no matter what we’re talking about?

    WeeGee xx

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