I was blessed to grow up in a place that is probably the closest thing to paradise on the east coast of the United States. We had everything; mountains, oceans, forests, and an idyllic small town where everybody knew your name. I grew up in a place with a sense of community that cared for its people. I knew it then, but I really know it now.

I Still live very close to that place and even have cause to go there from time to time, but a few days ago I was passing through and I saw it clearly for the first time in years. It has changed. The geography is the same, but the town feels different. I can only hope those pillars of citizenship and community are still there somewhere.

I recently heard this song and it reminded of my childhood and this place from the past.When I listen to the lines below I swear the song could have been written about me:

“My Daddy’s getting older now, but son he’s still as tough as ever

Him and my little boy are best friends now wish it could last forever

My Mommas still the one I talk to when I need advice

She never ever let me down, god what will I do when she’s not around.”


4 thoughts on “Back

      • I think that in the moment as a kid it didn’t seem simple at all, but as an adult looking back on things you begin to realize that it actually was. Of course there are plenty of folks you had terrible childhoods to whom this may not apply. Nobody had a perfect childhood, but for most I think this would hold true.

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