Anxiety Is…

Anxiety is Claustrophobia

You feel scared. You feel the urge to flee, but when there is no “real” threat there is nowhere to run. You are trapped.


10 thoughts on “Anxiety Is…

  1. I know just how you feel. And when I feel trapped, I feel like I’m going to die…it’s like living in a nightmare. I feel helpless. I want to encourage you somehow…

    • I just picked up a Rx for some sleep aids. After falling asleep to the sound of singing birds for the third time in four days this morning I decided it was time. Tomorrow will be a rough day, but I am hopeful for improvement by weeks end.

      • Working with my Dad. Fishing. Longer and harder than regular work. I love it when I feel good, but it starts before I have fallen asleep the last few nights.

      • Oh dear….well…..just…shit. I really wanna fix it, but I can’t. So, you just take those meds tonight and go to bed as soon as you can. You’ll turn the corner on sleep, and don’t think about “what this means”. Just take it a moment at the time and enjoy the time with your dad. And have a good 4th.

      • I called my Dad at 4:30 this morning to tell him I had not been to sleep and would not be going with him. The pills did nothing but turn my mouth into sandpaper. FInaly fell asleep sometime after that to the sound of crows fighting outside, and was able to get three or four hours since it is a holiday. Maybe call the doc back on friday, he is not in the office tomorrow.

  2. Lack of sleep can cause so many mental health problems. I know when I’m exhausted I don’t feel good about anything — adding anxiety must feel like a nightmare. I hope the Rx helps you tonight. As my mother used to say, “sweet dreams.”

  3. You know, I’m glad you called your dad. It’s good to take a day off when you need it and actually ask for it when you need it. That’s a good thing. Sorry about the meds…Boy…”bad nights” must be going around. I had the worse migraine I’ve ever had in my life last night. Seems lots of people were up and about last night. Today is a new day…and tonight is a new night…You just hang in there. One way or another, this WILL work out.

    • I appreciate your kind words. The nice part about going with my Dad is he will always put my health first. I just really wanted to sleep and I really wanted to go with him. I did neither. Grrr.

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