Colder Weather


In many ways this song puts to music my experience with depression and anxiety, It was never intended to speak to those issues, but the mood of the music and the lyrics are something I can relate to far beyond any literal intentions. The songs true inspiration was the love interest of a musician in the band. He was touring the northern tier of the country and she was in Kansas City. He and his band mates were chasing their musical dreams and he just wasn’t able to put in the effort to make things work. He was literally “stuck in colder weather”.

For me the colder weather is more reflective of the darker days of my life. These darker days almost caused me to leave a special girl behind and they did cause me to leave a great deal of the things that defined me and gave me joy. I have found my way back to some of these things, but others are gone forever. These things aren’t to be mourned. Life works in funny ways and lately I have been finding myself in milder climates, using the parlance of the song, and I am finding new joys, while allowing myself the fond memories of those closed chapters.

It is a beautiful song. I hope you enjoy it.



4 thoughts on “Colder Weather

  1. It’s funny about music, melodies, and lyrics. What speaks to us…I hear this song, and I hear the “gypsy soul” meant for leaving. That’s me. I’ve had to learn to stay. I’ve often looked back at why certain things played out the way they did, and I’m fairly certain it’s so that I couldn’t run. I was forced to stay, and that was for the better. I was on my way to being one of those nomadic sorts, rootless and wandering. Not even love could have made me stay. But…it did, in the end. I’m not a runner anymore. That’s what that song reminds me of. The “gypsies” I’ve known, those people that were “born to leave”–more like “made” to leave. Life does that to us. No one is ever born to leave…

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