I work as an Outside Salesman. Providing good customer service is what I do, my livelihood depends upon it. Sadly in this day and age good customer service means having to tolerate boorish behavior, and occasionally allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. I dream of the freedom to say what I really think…



One thought on “NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

  1. LMAO….oh yes..oooOOOOooooh yes….don’t I know it. Like that dude yesterday? Who passed me on the LEFT while I was in a left turning lane?! And, I was turning left WHILE HE WAS TRYING TO PASS ME???? W…T…F? Was there a fire? Was he in labor? Are men suddenly having babies now? Go ahead, D-Bag, pass me on the left, and drive into oncoming traffic, why don’t you, because you simply can’t wait for your turn to go. NO SOUP FOR YOU, ILLEGAL-LEFT-LANE-PASSER-D-BAG!!!!!

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