I hope everybody has a wonderful day, but while enjoying this extended spring weekend please take a moment to remember what some will never be able to forget.


5 thoughts on “Remembrance

    • It is a very powerful monument. The first time I was there I walked in on one end and as the walls get taller I felt as if I was being swallowed. As I moved through it and the walls got shorter I felt as if the memorial was literally releasing me into the light. I have seen it several times since. It is a very emotional place.

  1. I’ve been to the wall. There is a presence there. I was overwhelmed by immense grief as if I had to mourn. It nearly brought me to my knees. I was only 16 at the time. So, I wandered around, and I found a name. I put my finger on it, tracing the engraved letters. And, I wept for the person who sacrificed their life. I mourned for him. I don’t forget…and I don’t take what I have for granted.

  2. I wish there was something similar for all wars. I think we are too insulated from the decisions that some of us make and/or support for others and a reminder of the real toll should be put in front of us.

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