I found this post this morning on what it means to recover from Depression. It struck a cord with me and I felt the need to pass it along.

How do you eat an elephant?

Chatting to a friend over lunch yesterday I became aware of a frustrating misconception about depression which hadn’t really occurred to me before – the notion that the opposite of depression is happiness and that depression is simply the experience of being very sad for a long time.

Sometimes I rather wish I had just been sad for a while. Sad, I think, I could have done. Sad doesn’t crowd in during the threadbare hours to chase you out of yourself; it doesn’t turn out the lights, one by one; it doesn’t steal the things you care about and taunt you because you can’t find their whereabouts. Sad isn’t a menace threatening to stay by your side for eternity; it doesn’t convince you to abandon all hope, love and laughter.  Sad doesn’t take your life away, incrementally, until the only thing left to do is jump off the cliff edge…

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  1. This is really good. It makes the point that depression is, in fact, an issue of health–mental health, in fact. Sad is an emotion. Depression is not. Depression is an issue of mental health. Completely different.

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