Coffee Humor

In the spirit of yesterdays coffee post I thought I would share a little coffe humor:





3 thoughts on “Coffee Humor

  1. I seem to be the mouthy reader so i’ll share. When I was in my early 20s, i moved to the cold North for college. One evening, my friends and i were cruising around town, and we spotted a donut shop. i made everyone stop and go in. I’m much like Homer Simpson where donuts are concerned. When we entered, the joint was full of cops. They were hanging out, chatting, going behind the counter, helping themselves to the coffee and even the donuts! This young kid just sat back there looking bored. I ordered the “chocolate angel” donut because that’s the best one, of course, and then I stood in the middle of the store smirking at all the cops who acted like they were hanging out at their mom’s house! My friends told me to ‘stop it’; I would get in trouble. I didn’t ‘stop it’. I continued to stare and smirk…until a cop finally noticed—“Okay. What’s with the staring and laughing?” Someone else must have taken over my personality, because I am never rude to officers of the law, but I actually said, “You have to ask….sir?” He looked around at his fellow officers with their feet on the tables, laughing, slurping coffee and stuffing their faces with donuts. There were about 5 of them. “Oh, I get it. Cops and donut shops, right?” I raised an eyebrow and nodded my head. “You got it…sir.”

    Your image reminded me of that because it really is a reflection of reality. sigh….Dunkin Donuts…….::whimper:: Do they still make the chocolate angels?

    • I don’t find the comments. It may not be the “cool” thing to say, but if nobody reads or comments I probably wouldn’t do this. I don’t know about a chocolate angel doughnut, but their chocolate glazed should be a controlled substance along with all their jelly and cream filled. Now if they could just make a decent mocha latte…

  2. The chocolate angel is what they used to call that chocolate cream filled donut. It looks like a jelly donut, but instead it has this chocolatey creamy almost pale frosting like “schtuff” in the center. I swear, I might commit a felonious crime if I could have another one of those again. My GAWD, how I loved those, but they don’t have Dunkin’ Donuts up here. They had Krispy Kreme here very briefly, and, thankfully, they left. A fresh, hot glazed Krispy Kreme donut? I could easily put away half a dozen in one sitting, and then I would glaze over and crash into some kind of sugar coma because I don’t consume food like that normally particularly in large quantities. I just couldn’t help it. My kids would do the same thing. Then, we would all just be zombies…Honestly, a dozen hot glazed Krispy Kreme donuts (or those chocolate fill donuts) or sex (hell, let’s just put them both together!)…if I had to choose….it would really be a tough call……Something is wrong with me!!!! I am possessed by Homer Simpson. That explains a lot actually.

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