Random Music Post

 I have always kept my music preferences to myself. To me it always just seemed like another way to be judged. Is it too popular or to obscure? Is the genre hot now? Or was it hot yesterday? The truth is I am not a true student of music. I cant “hear” notes or tell the difference between melody and harmony. I can tell when music sounds good and when it sounds bad, but because of the aforementioned deficiencies in musical aptitude I have no idea why it is good or bad.

When I am listening to music I key on lyrics. I am looking for a story. I want something that will resonate with my own experience. I don’t have to relate to the specifics of the story, but if I can relate the theme I am hooked.

So with that I would like to share with you a song that has really struck a cord with me over the past couple weeks. The video starts with some unnecessary dialogue, but the music is worth the wait. I hope you enjoy it.



7 thoughts on “Random Music Post

  1. “I don’t know art, but I know what I like…” Ever heard that? Shit, C…I do know art, and I don’t like most of it. You don’t have to know music theory to like music. Music is for everyone, particularly country music. Anyone who judges you for your tastes isn’t worthy of your friendship or time. I liked this song, BTW…thanks for sharing it.

    • I dont disagree with you J, it was a habit learned long ago that I decided to break here today. Something about this song brings a powerful response from me, and I just felt like sharing.

  2. Funny you should post country music because I was born and raised on rock & roll and within the last year I keep my radio dial on a country station.

    I also love the lyrics of songs and think of the meanings behind the verses. I’m thinking that song reminds you of perhaps an old girlfriend? Or just the good old days, when you were seventeen? (No need to give away all of your secrets!) –Daylily

  3. I tend to go for how the music sounds. What the mood of the sound is. The thing that gets to me is that people expect you to know facts about a band or singer you listen to. I don’t know anything like that, just what I like about the songs.

    • I know a little bit about some of that trivia stuff when it comes to the stuff I listen to most. I hear you about the mood of the sound. There are some songs where I can barely hear the lyrics, but something about the sound gets me. Maybe this is how some relate to classical music?

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