Klonopin Free

It was a week ago tonight that I took the last Klonopin that I will hopefully ever have. With the previous reductions in dosage I didn’t feel any effects right away. I would drop the dose Friday night and start feeling a little off by Monday. Those feelings would generally last into Wednesday, but I was better by Wednesday afternoon and ready for the next drop Friday. This time I got hammered the very next day. I am sure that a lot of it was in my head, but Saturday was the worst day I have experienced in the last four or five years. It was terrible and included an unfortunate little display in front of my wife and child. The aftershocks of the day carried over into Sunday, and I was still pretty edgy on Monday. Tuesday was back to work after the long holiday week and after a rough start I was feeling pretty good in the afternoon. Things have improved at a fairly steady rate since.

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I saw the shrink for a follow up appointment on Wednesday and he seemed pleased with the progress. He told me that if you consider the body and just a physical vessel the withdrawal symptoms from the Klonopin shold be gone in 5 -7 days. Apparently this is what they have observed in laboratory animals. Of course I have a brain that is guilty of over thinking makes the situation much more complex and he said  I could be feeling a little off for the next six months. Knowing that there is actually no physical effect from the drug left has been helpful to me in coping with what has been going on. I at least know that I am more in control of what is happening in my brain than it may feel like.

Through the past week I have been struggling some in two broad areas; sleep, and stomach upset. I wrote a couple weeks back about a horrid night of insomnia. I don’t kick an experience like that easily and predictably it has stuck with me. I haven’t been through anything as bad, but in the nights following I would take two are three hours to get to sleep each night. That carried into this first part of the week when about Wednesday night it only took about an hour. Last night I only recall tossing around a little and looking at the clock one time. I may have been to sleep in as little as twenty or thirty minutes, but staying asleep was an altogether different story. I was up every couple hours through the night. The other sleep oddity that popped up earlier in the week was the appearance of regular and strange dreams. On Klonopin dreams would occasionally happen, but they were rare and it was even rarer for me to remember any detail. Over the last few days I have had vivid and strange dreams every night. I still don’t recall a lot of detail as I write this, but I do remember having clear memories of some of the more bizarre dreams first thing in the morning. This isn’t really a problem, but some of the stranger scenes can be a little unsettling when you are already questioning how your brain is working. It will take some getting used to if it continues.

The stomach upset is at least as big a problem as the sleeping. When I was a teenager everybody quaintly referred to my nearly constant mild stomach upset as a “nervous stomach”. Sure. Apparently as an adult life makes me nervous as I have a stomach ache in the form of gas, cramping and diarrhea nearly everyday. The closest thing to a cure I have found is the SSRI type anti-depressant. Of course anybody who has been following this blog knows how much I hate those pills and why. Since the Klonopin has been gone my body has doubled down on the quantity and intensity of these stomach problems. When it really gets rolling I may have significant stomach pain eight or ten times throughout the day leading to five urgent trips to the bathroom. That number would be higher if I worked in a place that actually provided regular access to a restroom. There is nothing like driving down the road trying not to shit your pants multiple times a day. I discovered a product called Imodium AD Multi Symptom that treats both diarrhea and gas. I have taken it twice in the past two weeks, and it seems to bottle me up with little or no cramping for a couple days (no regular bathroom visits either) before the symptoms start to return. I don’t know what the long term effect would be of taking this shit (or anti shit?) a couple times a week would be, but I have a feeling I am going to find out.

So that is where it stands at this point. I don’t feel a lot different than I did on the medication other than the problems described above, and none of those problems are new. This Withdrawal has been unpleasant, but the serotonin withdrawal syndrome I experienced the last time I stopped the lexapro may have been worse overall. As far as the Coast Guard is concerned when I have been off the klonopin “four to six weeks” I provide them a letter from the doctor and records from the pharmacist, and they will reevaluate my application. Lets hope for a good month.


3 thoughts on “Klonopin Free

  1. Okay, I think I’m going a little crazy, but I just posted a comment; my browser closed. It’s all vanished. I’m going to feel TRULY stupid if two show up on your blog. Be valiant please, and just delete the one you dislike. I can’t quite recall what I wrote either. Damn…

    Well, C…I suppose I wanted to be empathetic and tell you that I relate to your suffering regarding the GI issues. I’ve suffered for years with “nervous stomach”. I was tortured by it as a girl. It reached its apex whenever I had to visit my father. Same symptoms that you describe. As I said in my “invisible” post, I was also an undiagnosed Celiac, so there were other reasons for GI problems, too, but I was also an extremely anxious child. I was also in the theatre for years, and I would have terrible stomach problems prior to a show. Just opening night. Once I was beyond that, I would be better. Now that I’m gluten-free, most of my GI problems are resolved–even nervous stomach–although if I’m truly stressed (like pushed to my limits) my stomach and GI tract may suffer, but nothing like it used to be. As I said, the gut and the brain have a relationship as studies are beginning to show, but you already know that.

    As for the insomnia, my daughter, the Aspie, suffers terribly with this. She perseverates daily about going to bed. Bedtime is hard for her because sleep is hard for her to achieve. So, it’s become another place where she isn’t successful; hence, another place to suffer. We have a bedtime routine that is very soothing, and we use melatonin. The melatonin has made all the difference. Two articles you might find helpful re: melatonin: http://www.livestrong.com/article/358100-melatonin-for-anxiety/ (there are footnoted articles here) and http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/melatonin-000315.htm (this one sites melatonin being used to help the weaning process for benzos. Really interesting!) I wish you well as you get your feet under you. You really are doing a good job, and I know that your biochemistry is going to even out. At some point, your brain is going to believe that, too. You are doing a great job, C. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • So just when I start ignoring the spam folder in my dashboard your messages end up in it. Both of them. Sorry that I missed them for a week. I feel for your daughter and basicly fearing bedtime. As an adult I have to fight off the fear everynight I cant imagine what it must be like for her. Awful. I have had a couple nights now were sleep happened pretty easily, but the trade for that has been waking up throughout the night. It is always something, but I am encouraged by the evolution of the problem. It inspires hope that it will eventually evolve into something more normal.

      The Melontin is something that as come up before, but I have never really looked into it. Maybe the time has come.

      • WordPress sent me to the dungeon with all the other spam? sigh…I don’t know what to think. Perhaps it’s my verbose comments. Maybe I ought to start leaving my comments ‘Engrish” style. At least that’s worth a trip to the spam folder: “I enjoy really the content style blog you have. Your journey really impress the mind outstanding quality and relatability that more people search. I will for certain to bookmark. If you are looking to improve yourself, get more web traffic, or make money from your excellent quality content, you must simply to come to my site: http://www.obesefurrykittenpurses.com“. Have a great week, C!!!! I hope that you’re doing well. Best….

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