The New Treatment Plan

I wanted to make a quick post here to update folks on my status with the Coast Guard and my medications. I saw my shrink Wednesday afternoon, and while I got little in the way of a sympathetic ear, we developed a plan.

Yesterday morning I began the process of weaning of the Klonopin. It is going to take four weeks to be rid of it entirely. In its place I am starting Buspar at a relatively low dose that we can increase as I come off the Klonopin if we need to. I see him again in two weeks so we can evaluate progress. This should all be great fun as we go through the holidays.

I was on Buspar once before. In my earlier post on medications I noted that in the beginning the doctors tried a bunch of different stuff. I couldn’t remember all their names at the time, but when he suggested it on Wednesday I remembered that this was one of them. I only recall that it was not effective. At that time I was in a lot worse shape than I am these days. It is my hope that being in a better place will allow the Buspar the chance to hold the status quo. I know it’s not strong enough to bring me back, but maybe it can keep me from falling in the first place. If nothing else I hope it provides a cushion for the removal of the Klonopin.

My Doctor needs to speak with the Coast Guard himself and advise them of the new treatment plan. He didn’t seem to think the Buspar would be a problem for them.  The letter I received from the Coast Guard indicated that I need to be clear of the drug and symptom free for four to six weeks before my credentials can be reissued. So if this all works out I should have my credentials in three months or so.

I could rant for pages on why taking a situation that has been reasonably stable for ten years and turning it on its ear does nothing to make me more “compatible with maritime safety”, or compare the supposed dangers of the drug to things that happen every day out there, but it won’t change the reality of the situation today. I will save those examples for the letter I am putting together for my congressional delegation.


2 thoughts on “The New Treatment Plan

  1. The whole situation stinks, C, *but* I’m glad that you were able to see your doc so quickly. That’s a bonus. And, I’m glad he’s on board with your goals, too. While the psychiatrist is often clinical and sterile (ever heard the joke about where to hide $20 when you’re seeing a shrink? In the DSM-4…’cuz they’ll never look in it. They already think they know everything.), if you’ve got one that will help you try to reach your goals rather than naysay…hey, that’s worth something.

    As for the weaning off the meds? To quote my Norwegian grandmother “Uff’da”. I really hope that the Buspar works out for you this time around. At any rate, take care of yourself particularly during this season since I gather it isn’t a time of great peace for you. You aren’t alone in that. Imagine though…in three months….you could very well have what you are working so hard to obtain. Perhaps you could imagine that when the pressure gets high during the family gatherings this month. It’s worth it to you.

  2. I read your update and I feel frustrated that there is such a stigma around mental health issues. You might end up worse off than you are now and still be able to get your credentials reissued just because of the ignorance around depression. What is wrong with the world! I was glad to hear you have the energy and inclination to follow up with a letter to your congressmen. That is good and I stand behind you…

    Now, again, let me go look at that ocean picture on your blog theme. At this very moment, I wish I were near the ocean with all of the scents, sounds and feelings it invokes in me. Love it. Am I wrong to think if I were breathing in the salty air with mist spraying in my face I would not have room for depression? My senses would be on overload and I think that is just what I need right now.

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